As an agency, our goal is not about supplying candidates. We are keen on offering the most appropriate recruitment solutions to meet the requirements of our clients.

Access to candidates

We conduct telephone interviews with all our candidates ensuring that they are suitable for any positions we are assisting you with. We also conduct face to face meetings with candidates if you require us to do so.


We only send CV’s of candidates we believe are suitable for the role. In order words, avoiding time wasters. We avoid sending a high number of CV’s, typically we send you a low number of CV’s and book correspondingly a high number of interviews.


We do not view your roles as just placing candidates. We see it as a long term investment into your business. We ensure that our candidates are looking for careers and not short term work. We also advise out clients of better ways that you can improve your recruitment process compared to your competitors.


The fact that we have specialist knowledge means that we understand your requirements and have a network of suitable candidates lined up, meaning once a mandate has been instructed, we have a high caliber of candidates that meet your criteria.


We work on trust, honesty and integrity. We will ensure that we keep in regular contact and give you a clear idea If what you are seeking is realistic or not. If we feel we can amend the process to ensure the smooth running of the process then we certainly will.

Screening candidates

We ensure that we thoroughly vet our candidates. Whether it is permanent or temporary positions to match your needs.
Our objective is not on business alone, we work tirelessly to ensure that all your requirements are met to a high standard as we have a reputation to uphold.

We often meet our clients to gain an insight on the working environment as we take that into consideration when putting candidates forward. We like to establish a great relationship with our clients.
To discuss the services that we offer or to further understand how we can assist you with your requirements in greater detail, please contact us.